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Jambrešić family

We are a big, hardworking, harmonious family in a business of an ECO-manufacturing of a healthy blackberry wine. In the late 1991 we have planted our first blackberry plant and in 1993 we have produced a first test barrel of a blackberry wine.

My name is Igor Jambrešić, director of the OPG Jambrešić Estate and the owner of Manufacturing Blackberry Wine Kupilek Company a creation of which was also my Masters Thesis at the University of Zagreb, Business School.
We use a top wine producing technology based on the work of PhD Schubert Gerhard, enologist and professor at the Agronomy University in Zagreb, to whom we are very grateful on all of his professional advices and his supervision of the production technology of this magical drop of ruby we are so very proud of.

The whole Jambresic family participates in the production process. Mum Dragica looks after planting, maintenance, flowering and harvesting of blackberry plants. Her eager eye monitors every leaf, and every plant to get an even greater quality of fruits.

With his extensive experience dad Ivan creates the production process of choosing the tastiest and the healthiest ECO blackberries for KUPILEK wine; a process that needs hard work, persistence and positive attitude.

At the very beginning, buyers at Zagreb’s markets were offered to buy just fresh blackberries, while the wine was for family and friends only. That way we were getting private opinions on the taste and the aroma of our KUPILEK wine.

Encouraged by many compliments on the aroma, the red color, pleasant smell and rich fruity taste of the wine, combined with the knowledge of blackberry’s healthy characteristics, we came to an idea to extend our hobby production of KUPILEK wine into a serious business.
By extending our plantings we became experts in the blackberry wine production. In my Masters Thesis I wrote about the whole process of the production and our business venture.

To preserve the nature and protect people’s health, by securing the safe and healthy work environment, we cultivate the whole of OPG Jambresic Estate in accordance to the special ECO maintenance system. We respect and maintain a natural cycles of production using the renewable resources and preserving the landscape.
Differences between ECO-production and conventional production

Eco-production requires more knowledge than the conventional production because it has no means for mass production. It is not based on simple recipes and on symptom – cure relationship but on the knowledge of an agroecosystem mechanism. The principal for the agroecosystem is the soil. Through the soil we can maintain the agriculture and the environment and control introduction of nutrients in a food chain.

Ecological production enhances the content of organic matter and biological activity of the soil and the plants nutrition is based on the biological derived nutrients.

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