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The island of Krk is the most northerly island on the Mediterranean and is located in the Kvarner bay. It is the largest island on the Adriatic with a surface area of 409.9 km2. The specificity of Krk’s landscape is its terrace shaped walls (gromače) and shepherd's mrgar which have been conserved on the limestone plateaus above the Baška valley. The relief is limestone, and has interesting shapes; caves and grottos (Biserujka close to Dobrinj), karst sink-holes and karrens.

From Vrbnik over the plateau to the west and northwest lies the fertile field Vrbničko polje, subistence of farmers' life. Deep and fertile soil, favorable climate, protected sites, enabling a very vigorous development of all crops grown in Vrbnik field and a large and regular cropping.

Most in this field has always grown grapes, and today, when one looks at a number of fields, vineyards are the ones who dominate and only a small area with no rows of grape vines, which are successfully grown vegetables. And right here in this fertile Vrbnik field, with deep, fresh soil of many varieties which are grown on the island, the best conditions she found a beautiful and quality culture - žlahtina, the white (blanc).

This cooperative, along with all the others in the area of the Croatian Littoral and Istria, was founded upon the incentive of Dinko Vitezić, a lawyer, delegate of the Istrian parliament and representative of the Croats from the region of Istria and Kvarner islands to Zadar in the Parliament in Vienna.
At the time it was founded, cooperative had 58 members. That number has changed throughout the years. Today it consists of 125 full members who have the right to "elect and be elected", as prescribed by the Cooperative’s regulations, and 15 sub-contractors with the same rights as the members, except the right to vote and attend the gatherings of the Assembly.

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