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The two millennia of the history of the vine are symbolic mainstays of the Mediterranean. Another, not symbolic, but vital, is family.
Our children, Lucia, Roko and Ante, are named after St. Lucia, St. Roch and St. Anthony. Our vineyards are each named after them. St. Lorena is looking after our olives; we dedicated our extra virgin olive oil to our little one.


The renowned localities of Dingač, Komarna and Radovani, in beautiful Dalmatia and Istria, unite us in a patchwork of love, work and respect. Join us, and perfection will be in sight. Searching for it will be a pleasure.


Michel Rolland, friend of our family and a leading oenologist, helps us to achieve our goal. Tradition and progress, passion and commitment, sometimes contradictory and sometimes impossible. With a glass of wine, let’s make it happen together.
When visiting the peninsula of Pelješac, this miraculously preserved wonder of Mediterranean nature and culture, you can easily get the feeling that someone placed you into the scene of an old movie Maybe the clocks were stopped here, somewhere in the times without smartphones and constant rush. It is just what your soul needed.

In these beautiful vineyards, all done by hand, because Nature does not allow machines in Dingač, you slowly get the picture what these wines are all about. They are all about sun, sea, stone and really hard work. Yet every drop is worth it. Now that you are in vineyard, you are put into the “Pelješac mode”, ready to visit the winery.

Zagruda, Peljesac (Croatia), http://saintshills.com