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Fructus Incanto

Company FRUCTUS is wholly privately owned by family Kostelac and it was created for one of the most important reason – love for this job, and after years of research and development, which is still ongoing.

The corporate headquarters is located in Orahovica, a small town in the heart of Slavonia, located in the foothills of the Nature park and Geopark Papuk.

Unspoiled nature, as well as an excellent climate for growing different varieties of fruit are just a further association to fresh fruits turn into droplets great pleasures.

Fruit wines and liquors in the world, and also in Croatia becoming an increasing trend, and therefore their consumption increases significantly. Our mission is to be different, so as to emphasize the high quality and top design products.

INCANTO (Latin bewitch, enchant) is the name for exclusive and luxury brand of FRUCTUS company. As the name brand INCANTO says, the aim was to achieve not only high quality products, but also visually captivate exciting designs.

All products of the brand INCANTO products from fruit of the highest class and quality and only after careful selection and sorting, only fresh fruit goes to processing.

Combination of high quality products packed in superior designed packaging is not only a gastronomic interesting, but it’s an excellent gift to your loved ones.

FRUCTUS, fruit wine & liquers production,Kralja Zvonimira 63,33515 Orahovica, Croatia,