The Feravino Winery finds its roots in the 18th century. In the area of ​​Slavonia, wine culture was brought by Cistercians and Templars. In 1804, a living cellar was built today and the wine production started in the Feriacean region.

The Feravino Winery is a continental winery that special love, passion and knowledge invests in top-quality black wines, and special attention is dedicated to the queen of its vineyards and Franconian baskets, grape varieties, which found its home on the gentle slopes of Krndija.
Today, the Feravina Winery is proud of a cellar for controlled white wine production, a wine cellar for controlled production of wine, a wine cellar, an old cellar for stewing of black wines in barrique barrels with a tasting area

The leading varieties of Feravina are Frankovka and Graševina, along with White Pinot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot and Zweigelt.

The annual production of Feravina ranges from 900,000 liters.

Its goal is to become the leading continental winery of red wines and the producer of top-quality white wines, whose quality is already witnessed by domestic and international awards.

Feravino is best known for its top Franconia, but now we have expanded its range of top quality wines that have attracted attention and attention to many of the finest wine events and ratings.

The basement is located in Feričancima, Slavonian village within the Osijek-Baranja County. There is a long-cellar-basement-1 tradition of grape growing in this area, and thus the need for the construction of the wine cellar has also begun.

The old basement dates back to 1804. The winery in 1996 received the new name Feravino Feričanci. From that year to the present day, a lot has been invested in the reconstruction of the basement, the expansion of the vineyard and cellar facilities, the improvement of the technology and the adaptation of older buildings designed for the development of Feravina tourist offer.


Today, the Feravino Winery is proud of the technological basements for controlled fermentation of white and black wines, a modern wine barrel, an old historic cellar for black bars in barrique barrels. In the old basement there is a newly renovated tasting room, presentation, wine school and team bulding. Not far from the Old Cellar on the slopes of Mount Krndija there is a specially arranged Vincilirska house located on the prestigious vineyard location of Bovine Head. The mystical building, the romantic location, the many unpunished traces of great workers and people coming from the house are just part of the unexplored story that Feravino has to apologize yet.

Owned by Osilovc d.o.o. , winery Feravino is currently about 160 hectares of vineyard plantation. Dislocated in three locations: Feričanci (distance from basement - processing site: 3 km), Zoljan (distance from basement - processing site: 12 km) and Ceremošnjak (distance from basement - processing site: 24 km). All localities are located on the slopes of Mount Krndija and are divided into smaller micro-locals separated by forests or some other natural obstacle.



I. Location: FERIČANCI

    103.92 ha
    the largest and closest winery (3 km)
    make it 5 microlocalities

II. Location: ZOLJAN

    9.31 ha
    small object
    12 km from the basement


    43.71 ha
    away from the winery 24 km
    make it 2 microlocalities


Feravino steps up and restores its crops, planting the last plants in 2016 (6.5 ha). They are manufactured according to the valid standards and are tailored to the current mechanization. This would mean: planting in rows, planting distance of 0.8 x 2.5-2.8 m (5000 pips per hectare) and breeding form of double Guyot.

Vinarija Feravino, Feričeva 16,31 512 Feričanci, Croatia, http://feravino.hr/