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Frankovka Miraz Feravino

18,00 €
on request

incl. 20% VAT = 3,00 €

Top quality dry red wine

Controlled origin

Feričanci wine-growing area

Produced in Croatia

Miraz Frankovka is rich and powerful wine. It is a combination of mutual love between sun, oak, water, vine and human. Evanescence of time, superior knowledge and experience created one eternal wine. Frankovka Miraz for present and future. Ruby red color with purple gleam, vivid matter, clear and thick. Expressive characteristic scent is accompanied by vanilla, pepper and dark chocolate. Taste is intensive, longlasting, fine and clean. Combination of wine and oak gave its best from every side and took what needed the most. Mutual game, care and peace in barrique barrels gave the wine special charm and attraction. Oak fits perfectly in wine structure and dominates later in taste as mild spice! Wine is fresh, tannic and tasteful. Ready for now and promising for maturing!

It goes well with cold hors-d’oeuvre of smoked meat (proscuitto ham, smoked ham) and spicy Slavonian meat specialties (‘kulen’, ‘kulenova seka’, sausage’), various stews (fish paprikash, ‘čobanac’) and top specialties of big and small game and freshwater fish. Excellent with goat and cow cottage cheese, grilled meat, lamb from stick, steaks…

Glass: For full and mature red wines, shape of truncated bowl


Bonavita 2015 Đakovo – gold medal Days of wine and tourism 2015 1. national red wine assessment-gold medal Decanter, London 2014 – bronze medal Decanter, London 2013- bronze medal Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz NY USA, International Wine Master- silver medal

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The Feravino Winery finds its roots in the 18th century. In the area of ​​Slavonia, wine culture was brought by Cistercians and Templars. In 1804, a living cellar was built today and the wine production started in the Feriacean region.


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