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Brombeerwein 0.5

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At our Jambrešić Family Estate, through a careful selection of ripe, ECO-standard grown blackberries, after three-weekly maceration and few weeks of fruit ripening processes, we produce a natural blackberry wine KUPILEK. Its healthy attributes have been well known and used for centuries in the homeopathic medicine.

Healthy blackberry wine consumption is recommended when anemic exhausted, malnourished, for a regulation of digestion and the blood pressure and for improving the blood circulation. Especially important is the fact that iron found in blackberries is a part of an organic compound enabling its easier and natural absorption in the organism. It helps with nutrition especially in people lacking iron in the blood, in people of a weaker immunity system, pregnant and nursing women, blood donors and those recovering from a disease. It increases an appetite and enables better excretion of liver bile and urine, contributing to better dissolution and to faster and healthier nutrients exchange. Blackberries and blackberry wine strengthen the immunity, stimulate functioning of liver cells and protect the liver and bile ducts from different problems.

Currently, we ship to addresses in member states of the EU except Finland and Sweden . We offer free shipping from an amount of 150€ per shipping in Austria (250€ in Germany).
Free home delivery within Vienna is possible with an invoiced value of goods of 75 euros and more.


Brombeeren von Kupilek


Jambrešić family

We are a big, hardworking, harmonious family in a business of an ECO-manufacturing of a healthy blackberry wine. In the late 1991 we have planted our first blackberry plant and in 1993 we have produced a first test barrel...

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