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Korlat Aronia liquer

27,00 €

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KORLAT ARONIJA LIKER is the result of inexhaustible knowledge, effort and skills of our masters of distillation. Armed with patience and ingenuity, they were able to capture the essence of these berries and transform it into perfection. The intensity of traditionally prepared grape rakija has been emphasised by the intense and rich sweet&sour fruity taste of concentrated aronia, thus making every drop a true sensation.

Did you know?

Aronia, or Siberian blueberry as many call it is a small wonder of nature that is rich in natural active compounds, vitamins and minerals. In 2015. Korlat Aronija liqueur recived confirmation of its superior quality at the Superior Taste Award competition in Bruxelles by wining two gold stars. IDEAL TEMPERATURE:10°C ALCOHOL PERCENTAGE:20%

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Badel 1862


Badel 1862 is the largets and oldest producer of wines and spirits in Croatia.

With the quality of our products we continue on and enrich our opulent tradition that was inherited from renowned companies such as Pokorny, Patria, Arko and Badel...

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