Posip Stina
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Posip Stina

27,00 €
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incl. 20% VAT = 4,50 €

alcohol: 13,0 %

sorts: Posip 100%

serve: 12 ° C

The indigenous variety Pošip represents a true gem and it is our white variety with the greatest potential. As a variety it is suitable for the production of fresh wines. Working with this variety at the same time represents satisfaction and great responsibility, because the results must be top-notch, depending on the potential of the grape. This is a wine of pronounced aromas, minerality, and taste, which is getting better with the ripening in the bottle.

Grapes for this wine come from our new Grabica vineyard.

In the basement, the grape is extracted manually on the table. This is a delicate variety and requires a lot of attention. Like the rest of the grapes, this is cooled before entering the basement when it arrives in the basement and is protected from the harmful effects of oxygen during processing. Fermentation occurs mostly in stainless steel tanks in which the fermentation temperature is strictly controlled. After fermentation, the wine is laid in stainless steel tanks for 6 months with stirring on the sludge. One part (about 20%) is fermented in wooden barrels, which also control the temperature. This part remains in barrique barrels for 6 months and during this time it settles on its own sludge.

(S. Špiranec) Bold and full of wine more mature taste and rich and stratified fragrance. The aromas of tropical fruits are dominated by the aroma, above all, pineapple, and in somewhat smaller, but equally distributed doses still come peaches, Mediterranean herbs and vanilla. It is more fresh in the mouth than on the nose. Excellent dosages and vibrant acids that are strong and strong in appearance, but in the middle of the flavor gives a good balance, expressed through a certain juiciness. At the end of the taste, strength and maturity are even more pronounced thanks to a pleasant wave of warmth and spicy finish. The long-lasting retro-cake, with slimy bitter adhesives as the final stamp. With body and aromas, this is a very distinctive food character. Due to its mineral and strength, it can easily be carried with greasy fishes like those baked in squids, and due to mature fruitiness and fullness it can cover even flesh like veal under baking or marinated poultry. 88 points.

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