Posip Stina Majstor
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Stina Posip Majestor

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alcohol:13,0 %

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Serve 12 ° C

The indigenous variety Pošip represents a true gem and it is our white variety with the greatest potential. In this wine, the Posip variety also shows its other dimension through the fullness, which is perfectly combined with the maturation in the wood. This wine represents a combination of freshness and fruity on one side, and fullness and light bariked aroma on the other. Wine for Knowers. Grapes for this wine come from the island of Brač from the younger and older vineyards in the interior of the island that are suitable for growing this variety. All the activities during the cultivation in the vineyard are done manually.

The harvest term is determined by continuous monitoring of the state of the grapes before the harvest itself. Berba is necessarily done manually and selectively in the early hours of the morning, in order to preserve the freshness and aroma in the grapes. After harvesting, the grape is stored in a refrigerator and dispatched to the basement. In the basement, the grape is extracted manually on the table. This is a delicate variety and requires a lot of attention. Like other grapes, this is cooled before entering the basement when it arrives and protects it from the harmful effects of oxygen during processing. Fermentation of 50% must is carried out in stainless steel tanks in which the fermentation temperature is strictly controlled. The remaining 50% of must ferment in part in barrique barrels, and partly in large wooden vinifers (3300 liters). After fermentation, the wine is laid in tanks for 8 months with stirring on a precipitate, after which it is mixed and prepared for filling. The wine additionally suits at least 4 months in bottles before placing it for sale.

(S. Špiranec) A complex, delicate and refined wine. Authentic incarnation of the variety, but also the perfect expression of skillfully designed matured in various types of dishes that emphasized the purity and authenticity of wine and neutralized all other effects and aromas. It is a wine that has a beautiful life potential in front of you and will, at an ideal age, come in 2015. Here there is no tropical fruitiness of the base patch, and the smell is at the first impression more neutral, but it is precisely in this more discerning and primarily mineral aroma that resembles the scent that is mixed with the primers of peach and apple hides itself the delicate core of the defending poach as a variety. In the mouth it can be seen that the taste is still developing. The current phase of oak spicy flavors balanced with freshness of acids and the bitterness of retroocus on a stable path to salty mineralism and the maturity of late autumn fruits. 90 points.

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