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St. Hills

Dingac Saints Hills

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The Dingač was the first, then Yugoslav quality wine, the 1961 Protected Designation of Origin and the predicate Kvalitetno Vino (Outstanding Wine) received. The autochthonous variety Plavac Mali has been producing the best wines for centuries. From the vineyards of Saint Hill you can view the island of Mljet, and you can sense Dubrovnik close by, with the deep blue sea on the horizon, undulating all the way to Italy.

It is as if you are observing the path that Plavac Mali’s “ancestor“ had traversed, coming to Italy as Primitivo, only to set forth over the Atlantic to become Zinfandel. Dingač has its own particular path, carved through the mountain by the winegrowers, linking the vineyards to the port of Trstenik. From here, the first wines left for Europe. Dingač has always been the authentic heart of Croatian winemaking. St. Lucia, authentic Dingač.

Red rocky soil

Grape Variety:
100% Plavac mali

10 000 plants per hectare

 Hand picked and sorted, then double sorted on tables

 50% in new French oak barrels
25% in 32hl oak vats
25% in 32hl concrete tanks

Special Features:
Separate vinification according to the terroir and age of the vines, corresponding to the plot by plot care of the vineyard.

Temperature Control:
 Automatic regulation. At the start of fermentation fractioned pumping over, reduced during fermentation.

 100% new French oak; 4 different cooperages
18 – 24 months

Aromas of ripe tree fruit and berries, cherry and black-berry, are packed together with those of spice, cinnamon and clove.In this thick ruby red wine tertiary woody aromas of leather and tobacco, as well as chocolate, infuse with hints of smoke and wet earth.Dry warm and soft...
Full-bodied with silky tannins.

Well balanced with a long fnish.The perfect partner for grilled red meat and sauces, as well as with aged sheep cheese, and soft-ripened cow cheese.

Enjoy in a Burgundy glass at 16°C/61

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Saint Hills Weinkeller

Saint Hills

The two millennia of the history of the vine are symbolic mainstays of the Mediterranean. Another, not symbolic, but vital, is family.
Our children, Lucia, Roko and Ante, are named after St. Lucia, St. Roch and St. Anthony. Our vineyards are...

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