Roxanich Chardonnay Milva
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Roxanich Chardonnay Milva

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Wine Type: Orange

Grape Type: Chardonnay

Vinification:Skin contact: 7 days, 6 years of ageing in big volumes of wooden vats and barrels, bottling without filtration

Region: Western Istria

Orange Wine (Orange Wine) is white wine made like a red wine. As the white wine grapes are fermented with the grape skins (mash), more tannins and colors from the grape skins enter the wine. Orange wine has a dark yellow to orange color and is often a bit cloudy. In smell and taste, the wines are very strong. Roxanich Chardonnay Milva impresses with the wonderful amber color and the complex aromas of nutmeg, almonds, jasmine and tropical fruits with fine mineral notes, heavy body and very long finish. This Milva goes well with fried salmon or veal dishes.

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Roxanich Weinberge


Most of the grapes for our wines come from the western parts of the peninsula. This is the famous Red Istria, named for its uncommon, limestone-derived red soil type (terra rossa). Red soil is pH neutral and rich in nutrients and minerals – just...

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