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Kutjevo Chardonnay

premium wine

8,50 €
on request

incl. 20% VAT = 1,42 €

Premium Chardonnay is a wine worthy of the worldwide renown granted to this highest quality variety.

 It features a prominent crystal yellow colour with a greenish sheen, full flavour complemented by soft and pleasant variety specific aromas, and a characteristic mild bitter note. We recommend serving it with a spread of the finest entrees, soups, and white meat main courses. It goes well with spicy flavours and complements fine cheeses and delicacies. We serve the Kutjevo Chardonnay cooled, at the temperature of 8-10 °C.

Currently, we ship to addresses in member states of the EU except Finland and Sweden . We offer free shipping from an amount of 150€ per shipping in Austria (250€ in Germany).
Free home delivery within Vienna is possible with an invoiced value of goods of 50 euros and more.


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Kutjevo d.d. is a food company that will take the place of the market leader in the segment of producers of top quality wines and food products, and a regional leader in the bakery product market.

Kutjevo d.d. is a company that promotes...

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