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Plavac barrique Majstor


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Stina Plavac mali majstor is made of grapes from an ideally positioned vineyard on the southern slopes of the island of Brač around the town of Murvica (west of Bol), along the sea where it gets the most suns during the matured. Plavac small master with its abundance of red and black fruit, rich but melted tannins, and a luxurious and well-integrated wood effect obtained during matured, is an excellent example of this variety. Wine rich extract with long aging potential. Wine for Knowers.

Due to the special position and sloping terrain, all jobs in the vineyard are performed manually. These are the typical positions of limestone soils with plenty of skeletons and stones. Some vineyards are older than 50 years old and are more resistant to drought, which improves grape and grape extract. Due to the specificity of the variety and the ecological conditions of production, the need for protective agents is minimal. Grapes are harvested exclusively by hand, and relatively late for the purpose of better digestion of polyphenols in berries.

The smaller part of the ferment ferment in stainless steel tanks (about 20%), the rest in wooden vinifers (3300 l) and barrique barrels. Maceration lasts for a minimum of one month, which improves the structure of the wine. It is essential that the grapes are in optimal maturity, so that the tannins in the skin and the seeds are mild and mature. The aim is to tannin tannin from tannins from the barrel, increase the complexity of the scent, and generally soften and refine the taste. That's why we selected the barrels from the best French barrels, made of French and Slavonian oak. Wine is 18 months old, most in new barrels, and less in barrels used for one year. The length of the germination varies, depending on the specificity of the year and harvesting. The wine is obliged to keep at least 6 months in the bottle before commissioning.

(S. Špiranec) Beautiful, essential fragrance with black berries like blueberry as a backing and refreshing mint notes as an upgrade. There are a lot of other aromas like dark chocolate and tobacco and a little grapefruit grape. With the opening of the aroma glass, the aromas do not stop and as the time goes by the less spicy notes of oak, and more and more of the original fruit. It impresses in its mouth a skillfully affected ratio of freshness and strength, tannin and sweetness, extract and acids. The duration is not measured in seconds for minutes, and the retro-cock at which the final delicacy collides and the strength of the tannin is simply beautiful. The wine is the very opposite of overwhelming and concentrated blueberries of the same qualitative category, the embodiment of balance and freshness, and at the same time it has not lost even the strength and the extract. It has a good potential for matured. In an ideal age for consumption will go in 2015, in the best form it will take until 2018, and the top condition will be preserved for the next 2 to 4 years. 90 points.  


Golden Medal, "Le Challenge International du Vin Bordeaux 2013" (Vintage 2009)

5/6 bobs, Danijela Kramarić (vintage 2009)

92 points, Saša Špiranec (vintage 2009)

4 golden cluster, "The World in Glass" (Vintage 2009)

4 glasses, "Vecernji List" (Vintage 2009)

4/5 points, "Wine for Melomanes" (vintage 2009)

Bronze medal, Decanter (vintage 2009)

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