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Korlat Syrah

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In the Korlat area, beneath the vineyards of Benkovac, its almost ideal place under the sun finds Syrah. This top quality red wine has a deep, dark, red and purple colours and a strong and rich structure. Intensively concentrated and seasoned with aromas of ripe berry fruits such as blackberry and black grapes. Strong complexity and personality of the bouqet are also complimented by well balanced aromas of coffee, black chocolate and a discreet aroma of tobacco which is partly a sign of aromatic potential and partly a result of nurture as well as wines aging in oak barrels. The wine is warm, balanced, permanent and ready for consumation.

Did you know?

Syrah, a variety originating from the Middle East, although for a long time neglected in the vineyards, is today cultivated with a lot of success in some of the most significant wine regions of the world. Complexity and structure of this wine itself surely confirms the fact that some of the greatest wines today are made of or include Syrah as a main ingredient of great wine blends.

Korlat wines are special due to their design of bottles and labels for which they were awarded with world famous brand award – Red Dot Award. Along with emphasised elements of modernity and variety the uniqueness of this label lies in the fact that a special printing techniques have been used to brand the label directly into the bottle which uses its form to ideally capture the strength and character of these wines.



Chilled to 18°C, Syrah is enjoyed best with soft cheeses, grilled meats, especially pork chops or oily fish, venison stew, roast beef, sausages and venison

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Weinberg vom Winzer Korlat


In 2004. as part of the winery Benkovac, people started building a new vineyard on the site Korlat. The vineyard area lies on the stone maquis which is 104 hectares wide and contains 550 000 planted grafts.
Vineyard Korlat is planted by...

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