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Grabovac Sparkling Wine

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The Grabovac sparkling wine is made from Pinot gray, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Pinot varieties using the classic bottle fermentation method. Sparkling wine Grabovac is the first sparkling wine produced in Dalmatia. The wine matures in bottle for two or more years and has a light yellow to golden yellow color, floral aroma, perfect clarity and fine, persistent pearls. The grapes were grown to organic standards and deliver just over a kilogram per vine in the best vineyards in Imotski.

Chilled as an aperitif or with various sweets and strawberries, but also other types of fruit.

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In the area of Imotski vineyard where vineyards are grown since ancient times, Grabovac's grape and wine production experience has been transposed for 200 years. This is also acknowledged by the 1812 acknowledgment that the Grabovac family...

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