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Fructus Incanto

Liker od limuna 0.5l


16,90 €

incl. 20% VAT = 2,82 €
We do not deliver this product to Germany.

Alcohol by volume: 16%

Fruit liqueurs are produced from high quality fruit according to the old receipts, in the entirely natural manner, without additions of any quality enhancers. Several months long maturation, i.e. ageing of fresh fruit in the high-quality distillate, gives all liqueurs a special& irresistible aroma that reminds us of just picked fresh fruit.

The Lemon Liqueur INCANTO is 100 percent natural and entirely handmade. In production we use only ecologically grown lemons from the region around the Neretva river and healthy and carefully selected fruits bathed in sunshine, which at full maturity provide the best characteristics and flavours.

Perfectly balanced ratio of lemon zest and freshly squeezed lemon juice give this liquor its spicy acidity, moderate bitterness and the right level of sweetness. It is made from only four ingredients: fresh lemon, high-grade distillate, water and sugar.

It is recommended to serve the lemon liqueur ice cold and in chilled glasses. The liqueur also tastes as a longdrink with champagne and wine or as a refinement over ice, fruit salad and strawberries.

Currently, we ship to addresses in member states of the EU except Finland and Sweden . We offer free shipping from an amount of 150€ per shipping in Austria (250€ in Germany).
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Fructus Incanto

Fructus Incanto

Company FRUCTUS is wholly privately owned by family Kostelac and it was created for one of the most important reason – love for this job, and after years of research and development, which is still ongoing.

The corporate headquarters is...

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