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Grgurević Plavac mali sivi

24,00 €
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This is an orange wine from Janjina on the famous peninsula Peljesac. The type of grapes does not exist any more ... almost. Grgurevic family has the last 1000 plants of these sivi grapes. It has a special, fruity taste which is difficult to compare with any other Croatian wine. Out of the ordinary! The number of bottles is limited.

Plavac mali sivi is a cultivar from Plavac mali, instead of the blue berries characteristic of Plavac Mali, it has whitish pink grapes. This variety has only recently been discovered. It is estimated that there are about 1000 to 2000 vines existing in the world. This wine is specific and recognizable for its yellow-orange color - therefore "orange wine". The wine is drunk at a temperature cooled in the range of 14 to 18 ͦ C.

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The family farm Grgurevic is under the protection of the Croatian Institute of Oenology and Viticulture for the production of wines with geographical indication. The family owns 1.85 hectares of vineyards with a total of 13,640 grape vines, of...

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