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Aura Liquer Wild Apple

34,90 €

incl. 20% VAT = 5,82 € (Price per 1l: 49,86 €)
We do not deliver this product to Germany.

Alc. 34,2% vol.

By adding the wild apple fruit into the apple distillate and through the one-year maceration, we have obtained a product that is worth to be tasted and savoured.

The charming golden-yellow colour, natural density and fragrance of mature apple give this brandy a special charm. Citrus fruits mixed with a note of apple and quinces jam appear on the nose. The taste is fine, tender and alluring, the brandy glides tenderly through the mouth, and the taste lasts long.

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Aura Croation wine and spirits


The company ‘Aura proizvodi’ produces exclusive traditional products such as brandies, jams and other autochthonous products made of wild herbs and wild fruits picked in an ecologically clean environment on the slopes of the Cicarija mountain far...

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